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G House Samplepack

Author: Big EDM
Type: Samples


If you are looking for a massive pack about G House, and haven’t been able to find it.

Then look no further, Big EDM – G House Samplepack is here for you!

With an explosive sound, chest pounding drums and amazing percussion, Big EDM – G House Samplepack is an amazing way to make you mix sound more full, and complex.

Getting ourself a copy of this amazing pack is going to bring you mix to a whole new level!

G House was first discovered in around 2015.

Like the G House kind of implies, it’s a fusion of elements of House and Rap music.

G House can be made to sound Dark with Groovy synth patterns or Chaotic rap samples mixed in!

There are loads of percussive elements that hit amazingly hard and are surely going to keep you interested throughout the entire mix.

The limitations and boundaries are slim to none! You will here some people refer to G House as “Gangsta House”.

Full Download: 381MB
• 377 x WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit. // Including 20 Serum Presets & 19 Spire Presets

Synth Preset Compatibility:

* Please Use Reveal Sound Spire Ver.1.1.12 Or Higher.
* Please Use Xfer Serum Ver.1.214 Or Higher.

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