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All hail The King! This pack is here to lead all productions into the top of the charts! With a massive pack like this, any producer would be so lucky to get his hands on it! We can assure any person with any doubt on how amazing this pack is in both quality and quantity that you will NOT be disappointed with how colossal this pack is.

With a 9.13GB size (unzipped), this pack is ground breaking in both size and quality. The content in this pack will for sure drive producer’s creativity through the roof, and bring their projects to a whole new level whist also giving the producers all they need to learn how to producer a banger.

The team here at W. A. Productions wanted to give back to the EDM community as a whole as well as all the supporters we have seen jump onto our crazy and high speed ship these past few months. It has truly been an honor to create a pack like this for all of you. We as a team are incredibly excited to see the projects that this community can make with this pack. And as hefty a pack as any, 9.13GB to be exact, we are SUPER excited to give back to the producers with these quality samples, templates and presets!

Sound Design is not an easy field to master. It can become incredibly confusing and without the right knowledge, your sounds can become seriously muddy. But not worries, we got you! With many years of training in the Sound Design arts, W. A. Productions is determined and willing to teach and exploit all the secrets to any and all producers and artists who either want to create EDM tracks, or just want to be a full time Sound Designer. Either or, they are both amazing things to do, and we really hope our work will help anyone in any way possible!

So go ahead, take a look at what is in side this thing, it’s amazing! And go ahead and grab it for yourself, you’ve earned it!

DAW Templates:
- 5 Ableton Live Templates + Construction Kits (MIDI and Presets Provided)
- 6 FL Studio 12 Templates + Construction Kits (MIDI and Presets Provided)

Samples & Loops:
- 90 Drum Loops
- 94 Kick Samples
- 83 Claps, Snares & Snaps
- 33 Percussion Samples
- 20 Cymbals
- 12 Fills
- 48 FX
- 48 Melody Loops + MIDI
- 20 Synth Shots

Presets & Patches:
- 70 Serum Presets
- 20 Sylenth1 Presets
- 10 Spire Presets

BONUS / BONUS Content:
- 20 BONUS Big Room MIDI
- 18 BONUS Deep House MIDI

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