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Ultimate Trance Bundle Volume 14

Author: Trance Euphoria
Type: Samples

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Trance Euphoria is proud to present the ‘Ultimate Trance Bundle Volume 14’

Here at Trance Euphoria we have created the fourteenth Ultimate Trance Bundle with ten top quality previously released packs featuring Construction Kits, MIDI & Soundsets.

What Is in This Fourteenth Bundle?
01.. Elevated Future Driving Trance For Spire [128 Named Spire Presets & 44 Demo MIDIs]
02.. Liquid Trance X Extreme Edition [80 x Construction Kits, Wav, MIDI & Presets]
03.. Trance Owns The Night 2 [20 x Construction Kits, Wav, MIDI, & Presets]
04.. Uplifting Sky Trance 3 [20 x Construction Kits, Wav, MIDI & Presets]
05.. Essential Driving Trance Anthems For Spire [128 Spire Presets & 70 Demo MIDIs]
06.. Driving Future Trance 2 [20 x Construction Kits Wav, MIDI & Presets]
07.. Massive Euphoric Trance 2 For Spire [128 Spire Presets & 73 Demo MIDIs]
08.. Future Euphoric Trance MIDI Anthems [25 x MIDI Construction Kits]
09.. Galactic Trance Anthems For Spire [128 x Spire Presets & 29 Demo MIDIs]
10.. Classic Dance Remake Sounds 3 [128 x Spire Presets]

Bundle Statistics:
165 x Trance Construction Kits
5 x Full Trance Spire Sound Sets With Demo MIDIs
2419 x 24-Bit WAV Files.
767 x MIDI Files.
1039 x Spire Presets.
57 x Sylenth Presets.
8 x Serum Presets.
2 x Zebra 2 Presets.
5 x NI Massive Presets.
8 x Dune 3 Presets.

Synth Presets Compatibility:
* Please Use Spire Version 1.1.17 Or Higher.
* Please Use Xfer Serum 1.30b4 Or Higher.
* Please Use Sylenth 3.067 Or Higher.
* Please Use Dune 3 Version 3.02 Or Higher.
* Please Use Zebra 2 Version 2.9.0 Or Higher.
* Please Use NI Massive 1.5.5 Or Higher.
* Please Note: Keep your software legal and up-to-date to avoid any issues when loading your new presets.

About Presets In This Bundle For Construction Kits:
Please note to beginners if you only own some or don’t own any of the above VST Instruments you can still use another virtual instrument of your choice with your own presets or bought presets to assign the vst instrument to the MIDI files and create your own sound.

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