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This pack focusses on one of the cornerstones of dance music production - the drums.

We give you drum hits to cut through any mixdown alongside the science behind the sounds with production tips from the producer behind this pack.

The pack is full of tight and punchy kicks, snares, claps and percussion hits! With 570 files in total!

These samples can be used across the board from EDM, Deep House, Techno, Drum and Bass, and Tech House.

The high production values that have been applied mean that these drums can be used for Big Room larger than life tracks and pack the necessary punch to underpin the biggest productions.

Tired of struggling with blurred transients, flabby kick tails and drums which do not cut through the mix?

We manually tailored all kind of sounds that slot right into the mix, taking care of themselves allowing you to concentrate on all the other aspects of your production.


• 240 Key-labeled Kicks
• 50 Claps/Snares
• 50 Hi Hats
• 100 Drum Loops
• 100 REX Files
• 10 Snare FXs
• 10 Snare Runs
• 10 Noise FXs

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