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Melodic Techno Modernism

Author: True Samples
Type: Samples


The "Melodic Techno Modernism" pack is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to create captivating tracks in the genre of melodic techno. Despite its compact size, this pack contains everything you need to produce high-quality melodic techno music.

Inside this pack, you will find a wide range of meticulously crafted sounds and samples that embody the modern essence of melodic techno. From pulsating basslines and ethereal synth melodies to atmospheric effects, every element has been carefully designed to inspire your creativity and elevate your productions.

One of the highlights of this pack is the inclusion of project files for both Cubase Pro 12+ and Ableton Live. Cubase 12 Pro project files serve as valuable learning tools, allowing you to dissect and study the structure, arrangement, and sound design techniques used in professional melodic techno tracks. By exploring Cubase project file, you can gain valuable insights into the production process and enhance your own music-making skills.

Despite its compact size, the "Melodic Techno Modernism" pack offers a comprehensive selection of essential tools for melodic techno production. Whether you're a beginner looking to dive into the genre or an experienced producer seeking fresh inspiration, this pack provides the necessary ingredients to create dynamic and captivating melodic techno tracks.

So, dive into the world of melodic techno with "Melodic Techno Modernism" and let your creativity soar.

Pack Details:
30 Synth Loops (15 Dry & 15 Wet)
30 Bass Loops (Incl. Side Chain)
30 Pad Loops (15 Dry & 15 Wet)
104 Drum Loops (15 Full Drum Loops + Variations)
15 SFX`s
60 Drum One Shots 45 MIDI Files
7 Full Construction Kits
1 Cubase Pro Project (V. 12+)
1 Ableton Live Project (V. 9.7.5+)

100% Royalty-Free

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