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Author: Andrea De Paoli
Type: Presets


Andrea De Paoli and Davide Scuteri present Oneiric for Reveal Sound Spire 100 presets!

Oneiric 100 Dark Cinematic Pad sounds created on the extraordinary Reveal Sound Spire synth by Andrea De Paoli and Davide Scuteri.

100 inspired high-quality dark cinematic pad presets for all types of modern film productions and music genres such as cinematic, dark cinematic, film scores, soundtracks, documentaries, dystopian environments, horror, science fiction, thrillers and more.

Oneiric is full of out-of-this-world pads and virtually all essential, innovative pads that take the listener into uncharted territory...textures that continue to amaze, crafted with passion and heart, sounds that absolutely can't be missing from most film productions of any genre.

Product Details
• 100 Spire presets.

Crafted with passion, ready to inspire.

• Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.16 Or Higher.

100% Royalty Free.

About Presets in This Pack:
* The video and audio demos contain presets played from Oneiric sound bank, every single sound is created from scratch with Spire.
* All sounds of video and audio demos are from Oneiric (except additional percussions from East West Libraries).

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