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Pop Generation Bundle

Author: Seven Sounds
Type: Samples

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Description Pop Generation Bundle

We present this incredible Bundle of 'Pop Generation' by Seven Sounds. It contains 3 volumes, which include vocals, instrumental loops, harmony vocals, and much more. It also contains different genres of the Pop branch. This bundle is definitely a Must Have since it is very complete and brings incredible ideas with which you can create amazing tracks. It is inspired by Ariana Grande, Kehlani, Billie Eilish, Dua lipa and many more artists! It is 100% royalty-free.


Pop Generation Vol.1
1 Double Vocals Dry
1 Double Vocals Wet
01 Pitch Vocals Dry
01 Pitch Vocals Wet
02 Fx
02 Main Vocals Dry
03 Bonus Presets
03 Harmony Vocals Dry
03 Harmony Vocals Wet
03 Main Vocals Wet
06 Music Loops
08 Bass Loops
08 Midi Files
31 Instrumental Loops
40 Drums Loops

Pop Generation Vol.2
01 Double Vocals Wet
01 intro Vocals Wet
01 Vocorder Vox
02 Double Vocals Dry
02 Harmony Vocals Dry
03 Main Vocals Dry
03 Main Vocals Wet
10 Music Loops
18 Midi
22 One Shots
26 Drum Loops
33 Instrumental Loops

Pop Generation Vol.3:
02 Add Libs Vocals Dry
02 Add Libs Vocals Wet
02 Harmony Vocals Dry
04 Double Vocals Wet/Dry
05 Acapella Vocals Dry
05 Acapella Vocals Wet
05 FX
09 Music Loop
15 Midi Files
29 Instrumental Loops
34 Drum Loops

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