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Significant 80s

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A sound pack designed for Synthwave, Neo 80s, Retrowave, Retrofuture genres, including the following items:
1. Spire sound bank consists of 128 presets covering the most essential sound to create Synthwave, Neo 80s, Retrowave music. Individual presets folder included as well.
2. Rhythm loops: 97 variations of original drum loops.
3. Atmospheres: 20 long ethereal atmospheric samples.
4. Drum samples: Up to 50 drum group, a total of 395 samples taken from most iconic 80s drum machines.
5. FX samples: 92 sound effect samples.
6. Extra Samples: 42 additional samples including drum elements, vocal phrases, SFX.
7. Melodic Lines: 36 melodic phrase audio tracks can be used as stems.
8. Midi tracks: 38 melodic Midi tracks included.
9. SF2: multi sampled SF2 patches, a total of 60 patch, sampled from 80s synth/workstation gears.

Full Pack(includes Presets + Loops + Samples + Midi) and Presets are available to purchase as separate packs.

100% Royalty-Free

MAC / PC compatible

Requirements: Spire v1.1.13 +

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