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Sludge For Kilohearts V2



Sludge is a powerful set of filters utilizing the full power of the Kilohearts ecosystem. This preset pack is great to carve massively into your sounds and inject different textures and movement.

Multipass and Snap Heap allow almost an infinite number of possibilities, and with Sludge we created tools that can turn any sound into a liquid slime.

This pack contains:
● 5 Gated Filters For Multipass;
● 5 Glitch Box Filters For Multipass;
● 5 Heavy Texture Filters For Multipass;
● 5 Infinite Filters For Multipass;
● 5 S&H Filters For Multipass;
● 10 Saturating Filters For Multipass;
● 10 Spectrum Sweeps FIlters For Multipass;
● 5 Stereo Focused Filters For Multipass;
● 10 Infinite Filters For Snap Heap;
● 10 S&H Filters For Snap Heap;
● 10 Slow Evolving Filters For Snap Heap;
● 10 Audio Follow Filters For Snap Heap;
● 10 Mid-Side Filters For Snap Heap.

100% Royalty-Free.

Please use Kilohearts V2

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