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Triple Action soundset

Author: Tetarise
Type: Presets


The presets for Reveal Sound's Spire, Xfer Records Serum and Synapse Audio Dune 2 synthesizers. The soundset contains 150 presets: Leads, Plucks, Basses, Acids, Sequences, Keys,Synths, Pads, miscellaneous, Drive and FX sounds. Also here is noises for Xfer Records Serum and wave table for Synapse Audio Dune 2. All of the patches have the modulation wheel and pitch bend wheel assigned to morph the sounds (it's highly recommended to use these wheels). The patches created with Spire v.1.1.13, Serum v.1.214 and Dune 2 v.2.50.

Soundset info

• 50 Spire Presets
• 50 Serum Presets
• 50 Dune 2 Presets

The noises for Xfer Records Serum:
1. Bass 1.wav
2. Electro Guitar.wav
3. Piano.wav
4. Steel Guitar.wav

Wavetable for Synapse Audio Dune 2:

Synth Preset Compatibility:

* Please Use Reveal Sound Spire Ver.1.1.12 Or Higher.
* Please Use Xfer Serum Ver.1.214 Or Higher.
* Please Use Synapse Audio Dune 2 Ver.2.5 Or Higher.

Fore more information see INFO.

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