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Darkest Pop Bundle

Author: Seven Sounds
Type: Samples

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We present you 'Darkest Pop Bundle' by Seven Sounds, an incredible bundle inspired by the incredible Billie Eilish, with amazing vocals, Atmospheric Vocals, musical production, creepy sounds, Drums, instrumental loops and much more. This bundle contains all the volumes (Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3) perfect to start creating your next tracks and inspire you with different and unique sounds. This content is 100% royalty-free.


Darkest Pop vol.1:
01 Double Vocals Dry
01 Double Vocals Wet
02 Harmony Vocals Dry
02 Harmony Vocals Wet
02 Main Vocals Dry
02 Main Vocals Wet
04 Music Loops
08 Midi
10 Drum Creepy Loops
10 Drum Loops
30 Atmospheric Vocals
30 Instrumental Loops
70 Creepy One Shot

Darkest Pop vol.2:
01 Double Vocals Dry
01 Double Vocals Wet
03 Vocoder Vox Dry
03 Vocoder Vox Wet
04 Main Vocals Dry
04 Main Vocals
10 Atmospheric Vocals
10 Fx
12 Midi
20 Creepy One Shots
24 Instrumental Loops
30 Drum Loops

Darkest Pop vol.3:
01 Double Vocals Dry
01 Double Vocals Wet
01 Vocoder Vox Dry
01 Vocoder Vox Wet
03 Main Vocals Dry
03 Main Vocals Wet
06 Music Loop
11 Midi Files
23 Instrumental Loops
26 Atmospheric Vocals
30 Drum Loops
64 Creepy Foley One Shots

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