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Vocal Trance Bundle by OST Audio

Author: OSTAudio
Type: Templates

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Adding vocals to a song is the easiest way to make it stand out. What about vocals from iconic trance vocalists?

This bundle included 4 uplifting trance tracks with Rebecca Louise Burch. Get access to professional projects in your DAW and learn how to produce top-quality trance music from scratch, how to mix vocals, build arrangement, create sounds, do mastering, and much more!

Vocal Trance Bundle included:
● 4 Full track projects for Ableton
● 4 Full track projects for FL Studio
● 4 Full track projects for Cubase
● 4 Full track projects for Logic Pro
● 4 Full track projects for Studio One

DAW versions needed:
● Ableton v10.1.1 or higher
● FL Studio v20.6.2 or higher
● Cubase v5 or higher
● Studio One v5.5.2 or higher
● Logic Pro v10.7.3 or higher

VST needed:
● Spire v1.1.17 or higher
● OTT (Free)
● Tal Reverb 4 (Free)
● Valhalla Super Massive (Free)
● Melda Auotune (Free)
● Fab Filter Pro Q2 (Cubase only)
● Sylenth1 v2 (v3 is needed for the Logic Pro version)
● LFO Tool (Logic Pro only)

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